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Volunteers make vertical happen.

If you are interested in Joining The Volunteer team please submit the form below and fill out an application by Monday, September 23. In addition, please put the Night of Wednesday OCtober 16th on your calendar for training.

The opportunity to volunteer at Vertical has given me a chance to meet so many new people at Baylor I would never have met otherwise. And what better way to get to know someone that serving alongside them each week?
— Bailee Flake, Vertical Student Volunteer
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More info:

We have several teams that make Vertical happen each week:

GREET TEAM: Greeting and welcoming attendees at Vertical services

HOSPITALITY TEAM: Responsible for caring for the band and setup team each week including via food & snacks

STREET TEAM: Handles all things promotional at Baylor including distributing flyers, chalking around Baylor campus, and coming up with new creative ways to get the word out

ROADIE TEAM: Responsible for setting up and tearing down the venue for Vertical each week

MEDIA TEAM: Works together to create promotional videos, photos, and various advertisements as well as assisting with weekly set up and tear down for all things visual, including the screen, projector, and ProPresenter

ADMINISTRATION TEAM: Works to keep Vertical Student Organization in good standing with Student Activities

DONOR RELATIONS TEAM: Handles relationships with the organization’s supporters via thank you notes and other avenues

OUTREACH TEAM: Works with outside ministries and organizations to help connect students

PRAYER TEAM: Organizes and facilitates prayer over Vertical each week